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Arlt (アールト Āruto) is a character in Liz and the Blue Bird. He is a character in the fairytale of the same name referenced in the film. He is a baker who employs Liz.


Arlt is an older man who is quite large and tall. He has small gray eyes and a full head of light gray hair tied back in a ponytail. Additionally, he has a bushy mustache and beard. He usually wears a white button-up with a brown apron.


Arlt seems to be a gentle and kind man. He appears to be quite generous as he sends Liz home with a bag of bread each day from work. The two seem to have a good relationship.


  • His name can also be written as Aalto, since the pronunciation is the same in Japanese (Āruto). However, Arlt is the anglicized version.