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The Blue Girl (青い女の子 Aoi On'nanoko), also called the Blue Bird or simply The Girl is a character in Liz and the Blue Bird. She is one of two main protagonists of the fairytale of the same name referenced in the film. She is a bird who took on human form to accompany Liz.


She is a quite young girl of a slim build with fair skin. She has short, bright blue hair which is swept to the back and left as if held in place by the wind. She usually wears a pale blue nightgown with a white collar and yellow buttons. Liz also adorns her hair with a cluster of red berries.


The blue girl is a very energetic and excitable character. She is enthusiastic about nearly everything she does with Liz, frequently bursting into runs and twirls. She is quite compassionate, and wants to make Liz feel better by providing company. In the night, she sneaks away through the window, only to return to bed before dawn.

When it comes time for her departure, the blue girl is deeply sorrowful, and at first rejects Liz's decision. However, she eventually comes to understand her reasoning, and sees herself away to appease Liz.


It is unknown where the blue girl came from or what her life was like prior to meeting Liz, except that she saw many towns and forests along the way, indicating she traveled quite far. During her stay with Liz, she is taken care of by her, and helps Liz with chores around the house, as well as providing company. The two spend many days side by side, collecting berries, having picnics, and playing.

She is discovered missing one night by Liz, and is heard climbing back into bed. Liz then decides that it's best for her to be set free. The blue girl is completely distraught by her decision, but respects it and flies away from Liz's home.

Nozomi Kasaki draws the similarity between herself and Mizore Yoroizuka, and Liz and the girl. Mizore picks up on this too, and the two separately decide themselves as Liz (Mizore) and the bluebird (Nozomi). However, later in the film when Mizore is confronted by Satomi Niiyama about how she thinks Liz feels, Mizore realizes that she is more similar to the bird. Nozomi simultaneously draws a similar conclusion that she is most similar to Liz when confronted by Yuuko Yoshikawa.


  • She is never given a proper name. She is referred to as "Blue Girl" on most sources, but is also colloquially known as "Blue Bird" or "The Girl".