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Chieri Takahisa (高久 ちえり Takahisa Chieri) is a first-year student at Kitauji High School in the main series and a member of the concert band who plays the clarinet, but she switches to play the E♭ Clarinet in her second year.


Chieri is a young teenage girl of a somewhat shorter stature with straight shoulder-length dark green hair that she wears in loose pigtails by two purple ribbons and very long bangs that cover her eyes, so it is unknown what eye color she has since they have never been seen.

She is usually seen with a normal Kitauji High School uniform for female first-year students.


Chieri is a very shy and quiet girl who is usually only whispering in the few lines she has and she is most open with Maina Kase, who appears to be her closest friend that she was very emotional when Maina graduated.


Chikao Takigawa[]

Chieri is in a romantic relationship with Chikao.


  • Chieri's surname Takahisa means "tall, high" (高) (taka) and "long time" (久) (hisa).


  • Chikao Takigawa cheered her up after Maina Kase graduated where she then faced forward and announced she would play the E♭ Clarinet as Maina previously did before her.