Nice to Meet You, Euphonium (よろしくユーフォニアム Yoroshiku Euphonium?) is the second episode of the Hibike! Euphonium anime series. It was first broadcasted on April 14, 2015.


Kumiko and the others join the concert band, and they choose their instruments. Their eccentric senior, Asuka, still likes to mess with them.


With the support of Hazuki and Sapphire, Kumiko tries to talk to her old friend Reina in an attempt to make amends of their situation from middle school. Unfortunately, Kumiko remains unable to even start a conversation with Reina. Meanwhile, the band, now with their director Noboru Taki present, reorganizes the band by allowing the new members to pick their instruments.

After each of the major sections of the band introduce their instruments, the new members are given their chance to decide. Sapphire immediately chooses the contrabass, Reina shows her skills with the trumpet, and Hazuki wanders off to the trumpet section, getting clues from the mouthpiece she bought earlier. Kumiko also decides to choose the trumpet instead of the euphonium, but her middle school friend Aoi Saitou accidentally exposes her experience in the euphonium, causing Asuka to urge her into playing the euphonium once more. Asuka also helps Hazuki properly choose her instrument by allowing her to match her mouthpiece with the tuba.

Days later, Taki holds a meeting with the band about their plans and objectives, namely their interest in participating in the national tournament. With the initiative of Haruka and Asuka, votes are cast, and it points towards the band pursuing the nationals.


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Major Events

  • Kumiko is reunited with her childhood friend, Aoi Saitou.
  • More characters are introduced, the leaders of some selections.

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