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Singing Solfège (うたうよソルフェージュ Utau Yo Sorufēju) is the fourth episode of the Hibike! Euphonium anime series. It was first broadcasted on Tuesday, April 28, 2015.


At the section-leader (or part-leader) meeting, Haruka, clarinet-section leader Hirone Torizuka, flute and piccolo leader Kotoko Himegami, horn leader Juri Sawada, trumpet-section leader Kaori, percussion-section leader Narai Tanabe, and trombone-section leader Hideri Noguchi discuss the dilemma of the concert band's slow progress. There is a prevalence of criticism towards Taki's teaching style and pondering over the future of their participation in the Sun festival. Word spreads that the band will not be able to participate in the Sun Festival if rebellion occurs against Taki, and the members note the leaders are too tame to talk against Taki.

Despite still having reservations about Mr. Taki, the club decides to practice for their second ensemble. Mr. Taki engages the club in a variety of drills: having them run around the school and play their instruments, engaging the students in breathing exercises, and finally working with each section individually. Kumiko and Hazuki overhear his strict treatment of the flute section, but is later surprised by his gentle demeanor while working with him in the bass section. On the way home, Kumiko again runs into Shuichi, who tells her that it is Mr. Taki's first time advising a concert band. Reina, overhearing them, adamantly defends Mr. Taki, much to the surprise of Kumiko and Shuichi. At school the next day, Kumiko awkwardly apologizes to Reina while also thanking her for having inspired her; she leaves in a hurry but expresses relief at finally being able to talk to Reina. On the day of the ensemble, the band's performance meets Mr. Taki's standards; he responds by affirming his commitment to the band's goals of performing in SunFes and making nationals.


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Featured Music[]

  • Like in the previous episode, this episode features the band piece, the Marines' Hymn.


  • Despite its name, the Marines' Hymn is not the same as the one used by the United States Marine Corps, rather a similar adaptation.