Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Tuba (きらきらチューバ Kira Kira Chūba?) is the sixth episode of the Hibike! Euphonium anime series. It was first broadcasted on May 12, 2015. It resolves around Hazuki, as she trains hard to do her best at the school's audition.


Starting this year, the band holds auditions for members participating in the competition. Hazuki Katou also has a chance, too. The bass section does everything they can to encourage her.


Taki-sensei and the band members begin discussing about the upcoming competition, and Taki decides, that he would like to hold auditions among the band to decide which member will aquire each position. Everyone is surprised and concerned at this idea, as it might lead to a junior recieving a role instead of a senior. The bass section begins to discuss the auditions, making Kumiko remember a similiar incident from her middle school concert band. Riko points out that Hazuki might have a chance at grabbing the Tuba position, Hazuki however denies this and states that she is only a beginner and that she can just try out next year when she's improved, which angers Asuka, as she reveals that good players usually stay with the position, and that she might get pushed aside by a first year who joins the next year. Goto brings the pieces that will be used for the competiion and auditions, Asuka talks on explaining the importance of the piece, and the group begin to listen to it.

The group begin to practice and comment on how good Asuka is, Natsuki goes to practice by herself. Hazuki starts practice but accidently pulls a piece off of her tuba, thinking that she broke it, the group corrects her and they begin to do maintnence on her instrument, surprised that they haven't taught her about it yet. Sapphire and Kumiko remember the first time they picked up their instrument after watching Hazuki learn, and they finish off maintnence. Kumiko asks Reina about a tuba case for Hazuki, and they begin to discuss the auditions, much to Kumiko's surprise as Reina reveals that she may play the solo. Hazuki packs up her tuba and begins to carry it, but finds that It's very heavy, and Kumiko comments that it looks as if the tuba is carrying her.

They walk home and Hazuki reveals that she hasn't been satisfied with her other interests, so she wants to do her best with tuba, which inspires Kumiko and Sapphire, and the three agree to improve together. The next day they go around asking the members what they like about tuba to motivate Hazuki, they ask Riko and Goto, but they don't find any good answers. They ask Asuka, and she gives Hazuki sheet music of "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star" to practice, she finds it boring though as it's very slow and easy, which angers Asuka, causing her to bring out her ultimate weapon, which is revealed to be a trick as she makes Kumiko wear a costume if Tuba-kun. Hazuki and Sapphire return, although the plan backfires as Sapphire has an obbsession with Tuba-kun and jumps on her, Hazuki however, already notices that it's her. The bass section, unable to find any good ideas, notice that Hazuki has never been able to play in an ensemble, so Kumiko and Sapphire play "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star" with her, which makes her happy and she reconfirms her passion for tuba. Kumiko and her take the bus home together and she encounters Shuuichi, who catches her when she trips with her tuba. Kumiko is seen playing her euphonium at the end, and Aoi comments that she's lucky, before wishing her a good luck.


In order of appearances:


Major Events

  • Hazuki reconfirms her passion for tuba
  • The group begins practice for the competion

Featured Music

  • The required pieces for the concours in the anime come from the official list of the All-Japan Band Competition 2015.[1][2]
    • I Yutarou Ishihara (石原勇太郎?): Pilgrimage - Ballade for wind orchestra (天空の旅 -吹奏楽のための譚詩-?)[3]
    • II Kunihiro Sato (佐藤邦宏?): Walk down the Spring Path March (マーチ「春の道を歩こう」?)[4]
    • III Akira Nishimura (西村朗?): Higi III - Heterophony for Whirl Dance (秘儀III -旋回舞踊のためのヘテロフォニー?)[5]: Appears in the anime.
    • IV Naoki Tasaka (田坂直樹?): March “Wind of Provence” (マーチ「プロヴァンスの風」?)[6]: Kitauji's selected piece, some strophes can be heard during the anime episode.
    • V Soo-Hyun Park (朴守賢?): The Scintillating Dawn (暁闇の宴?)[7]
  • Kitauji's chosen free piece, Namie Horikawa's (堀川奈美恵?) Crescent Moon Dance (三日月の舞?), is from a fictional composer and created for the anime by Akito Matsuda (松田彬人?).
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Hazuki practiced it. Later, Kumiko, Hazuki and Sapphire played it together).



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