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Crybaby Saxophone (なきむしサクソフォン Nakimushi Sakusofon) is the seventh episode of the Sound! Euphonium anime series. It was broadcasted on Tuesday, May 19, 2015.


As practice continues for the upcoming audition, Aoi still insists on leaving early for cram school, causing Haruka to worry. During ensemble practice, Aoi is singled out for her performance; when asked by Taki when she will be able to play the part, Aoi stuns the club by announcing her sudden decision to quit, citing conflict with her studies. Kumiko tries to run after Aoi, but is overtaken by Haruka. Aoi explains the real reason she quit: having been unable to convince the other members not to quit the previous year, she would not let herself go to nationals this year. Haruka blames herself for not being able to convince Aoi to stay and doubts her ability to lead the club, staying home from school the next day. Asuka temporarily takes charge, revealing her cold demeanor and uncompromising personality. After school, Kaori stops by Haruka's house to try to cheer her up, reminding her that she alone had the courage to take over leadership of the club, even when Asuka couldn't. The next day, Haruka returns to the applause of everyone in the club. During lunch, Hazuki suddenly asks Kumiko whether or not she is going out with Shuuichi, leaving her stunned.


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Featured Music[]

The practice included parts of Kitauji's selected pieces: