Festival Triangle (おまつりトライアングル Omatsuri Toraianguru?) is the eighth episode of the Hibike! Euphonium anime series. It was broadcasted on May 26, 2015. The episode mostly revolves around Kumiko and Reina's, and Hazuki and Shuuichi's relationship.


The band is abuzz with talk about who they'll be going to the upcoming festival with. There's someone Hazuki wants to go with, but that someone is going to ask someone someone else. Meanwhile, Kumiko somehow ends up going with you-know-who..



In order of appearance:


Major Events

  • It is revealed that Riko and Takuya are dating.
  • It is hinted that Shuuichi may have feelings for Kumiko.
  • Hazuki confesses to Shuuichi but is rejected.
  • Kumiko and Reina gets a step closer, and starts calling each other by first names.

Featured Music

  • The practice scenes used parts of Namie Horikawa's Crescent Moon Dance.
  • Kumiko and Reina played an instrumental arrangement by Akito Matsuda of Hanako Oku's (奥 華子 Oku Hanako?) Ai wo Mitsuketa Basho (愛を見つけた場所?) which replaced the ending of this episode. The song was one of the few new tracks in the 2012 compilation Oku Hanako Best -My Letters- (奥華子BEST -My Letters-?). Kumiko and Reina played it together; Kumiko with her euphonium and Reina with her trumpet.


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