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Hideri Noguchi (野口 ヒデリ Noguchi Hideri) is a minor character in the Sound! Euphonium series. He is a third-year student at Kitauji High School who is the trombone section leader in the Kitauji High School Concert Band in the main series.


Hideri has short and somewhat spiked brown hair and red-brownish eyes. 

He is usually seen with a standard Kitauji High School uniform for boys.


Hideri seems to be a lively young man with a great sense of humor, and a laid-back personality. However, he is a bit shy who can get nervous easily.


  • The name Hideri is is written in hiragana (ヒデリ), which has no special meaning. However, when part of the name Hide (ヒデ) is written in kanji (秀, 英 or 日出), it could possibly mean:
    • 秀 - "excellent, outstanding".
    • 英 - "excellent, fine".
    • 日出 - "sun, day" (日) (hi) and "exit, leave, go out, come out, put out, protrude" (出) (de).
  • Hideri's surname Noguchi means "field, wilderness" (野) (no) and "mouth, entrance" (口) (kuchi/guchi).


  • It is hinted that Mei Taura might be Hideri's girlfriend.
  • Hideri goes by “¥1000 Senpai”.