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Kaori Nakaseko (中世古 香織 Nakaseko Kaori) is the recurring secondary character of Sound! Euphonium series.

She is a member of the concert band and a third-year student who plays trumpet.

In the Kitauji High School Concert Band, she is the trumpet section leader and the band accountant.


Kaori is a young girl with short, bobbed, dark-brown hair, matching brown-reddish eyes and a mole on her left cheek.

She wears the standard Kitauji High School uniform for third-year students.


Kaori is considered to well-liked among the members of the band, and has a soft tone in her voice and a gentle demeanor. She is very popular among the Kituaji Concert Band, attracting people like Yuuko Yoshikawa to her.

Despite the fact that she is a very good trumpet player, Reina Kousaka is noted to be a much better player than her. Kaori observes this during their re-auditions for a trumpet solo of Crescent Moon Dance and declines her chance to play the solo, passing it to Reina.

She is shown to be close with the president Haruka Ogasawara and Vice President Asuka Tanaka.



Title Role
Sound! Euphonium Secondary
Sound! Euphonium 2 Minor
Sound! Euphonium The Movie: Welcome To The Kitauji High School Concert Band Secondary
Sound! Euphonium The Movie: May The Melody Reach You! Minor
Liz and the Blue Bird Minor


  • The name Kaori means "fragrance, fragrant" (香) (ka) and "weave, weaving" (織) (ori).
  • Kaori's surname Nakaseko means "middle" (中) (naka), "generation" (世) (se) and "old" (古) (ko).


  • According to the official Sound! Euphonium novel website:
    • Her favorite color is white.
    • Her hobbies are making sweets and going to the cafe with Asuka.
    • She has been doing tea ceremonies and flower arrangement since she was a child.
  • In the light novel, Kaori is noted to look very alike to Reina Kousaka.
  • Kaori goes to nursing school after graduating.[1]
  • Kaori likes sweets, while she dislikes insects and crowds.