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Kitauji High School (北宇治高校, Kitauji Kōkō) is a fictional senior high school located in Uji of Kyoto Prefecture, Japan. It is the main setting of Sound! Euphonium and is the home ground of the Kitauji High School Concert Band.

Kitauji High School is described as an academically average high school, requiring moderate test scores for entry.

Kitauji High School is based on Kyoto Prefectural Todou High School (京都府立莵道高等学校, Kyōto Furitsu Todō Kōtōgakkō).

Concert Band

Nearly a decade ago, Kitauji boasted an extremely competitive band program spearheaded by Taki-sensei senior and Kousaka-sensei, but since the departure of the two teachers and the installment of a new, more relaxed sensei, the band began to lag behind and fall from the forefront of high school band competition.

Since the arrival of Noboru Taki, however, Kitauji's concert band has begun to reclaim some of its former glory.


Kitauji high school.jpg
Kitauji students in their fall/winter school uniforms, standing on the steps of the school

Kitauji students are required to wear uniforms to school every day. Female students wear brown sailor shirts with brown pleated skirts in the fall and winter, and white sailor shirts with light blue pleated skirts in the spring and summer. Three colors (red, blue and green) of sailor ties worn around the neck identify their year in school. New freshmen in each year use the color of previous generation of third year students and they will use that color until their graduation. For example: During Kumiko's second year at Kitauji, the first years wear green, the second years wear red and the third years wear blue.

Official art6.jpg
Kitauji's gym uniforms

Kitauji's marching band uniforms for females consist of a blue, red, and white sleeveless top with gold buttons and gold trimming, a small shako hat, a pleated yellow and white skirt, white knee-high boots with heels, and white elbow-length gloves. Uniforms for males consist of white pants, white marching shoes, white gloves, and small shako hat, and a white, red, and blue short-sleeved top with gold buttons and gold trimming. Both males and females have a small red cape on the back of their tops.

Marching woodwinds, including piccolo, flute, and clarinet, have fingerless gloves to allow for better playing.

Summer Uniforms.jpg
Kitauji students in their spring/summer uniforms

Male students wear black gakuran in the fall and winter, and white shirts with black pants in the spring and summer.

Known Alumni

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