Wind of provence

CD and sheet music for Japan's 2015 required competition pieces.

March “Wind of Provence” (マーチ「プロヴァンスの風」 Māchi "Purovansu no Kaze"?), also known as Required Piece No. 4, is a piece of wind band repertoire that was required on the program for every high school band in Japan competing in the All-Japan Band Competition of 2015. It is the fourth of several required pieces used as standard measures of ensembles in band competitions and was composed by Naoki Tasaka.

The official list of the required piece for the All Japan Band Competition 2015 is as follows: 

I. Yutarou Ishihara (石原勇太郎 Ishihara Yūtarō?): Pilgrimage - Ballade for wind orchestra (天空の旅 -吹奏楽のための譚詩- Tenkū no Tabi - Suisōgaku no Tame no Tanshi?)
II. Kunihiro Sato (佐藤邦宏 Satō Kunihiro?): March "Walk down the Spring Path" (マーチ「春の道を歩こう」 Māchi "Haru no Michi o Arukou"?)
III. Akira Nishimura (西村朗 Nishimura Akira?): Higi III - Heterophony for Whirl Dance (秘儀III -旋回舞踊のためのヘテロフォニー Higi III - Senkai Buyō no Tame no Heterofonī?): Appears in the anime.
IV. Naoki Tasaka (田坂直樹 Tasaka Naoki?): March “Wind of Provence” (マーチ「プロヴァンスの風」 Māchi "Purovansu no Kaze"?): Kitauji's selected piece, some strophes can be heard during the anime episodes. The entire piece is played at the beginning of Sound! Euphonium The Movie: May The Melody Reach You!
V. Soo-Hyun Park (朴守賢 Paku Su Hyon?): The Scintillating Dawn (暁闇の宴 Gyōan no Utage?)

Wind of Provence is the real piece that was required for the real 2015 competition and since the anime adaption of Sound! Euphonium was released following the timeline of the real-time competition, the band was shown performing the same piece that hundreds of other high school bands in Japan were rehearsing in real life.