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Mayu Kuroe (黒江 真由 Kuroe Mayu) is a new third-year transfer student at Kitauji High School in the main series who is a member of the concert band that plays the euphonium.


Mayu is a teenage girl of a fairly short build. She has long and straight light brown hair, with bright turquoise eyes. She has been depicted wearing a different school's uniform in some official artworks.


Little is known about Mayu's personality, although based on her interests, she seems to be very friendly and caring towards others.


  • The name Mayu means "real, genuine" (真) (ma) and "reason, case, cause" (由) (yu).
  • Mayu's surname Kuroe means "black" (黒) (kuro) and "bay, inlet" (江) (e).


  • Mayu seems to have a passion for photography.
  • Mayu's hobby is taking pictures of her friends.
  • Mayu's favorite color is milky white.
  • Mayu does not have a special talent.
  • Mayu used to attend Seira Girls School where she was a student at Seijou Junior High, the same middle school as Sapphire Kawashima.
  • As Mayu attended this prestigious school, she is a formidable presence in the competition circuit.