Michie Matsumoto (松本 美知恵 Matsumoto Michie?) is a supporting character the Hibike! Euphonium series. She is Kumiko, Sapphire Kawashima and Hazuki's teacher. She serves as the assistant band director of the Kitauji Concert Band.


Michie is a tall woman in her fifties (though she could be mistaken for younger, despite having age marks), with cropped, soft black hair and sharp, violet eyes. She dresses professionally; wearing a white dress shirt - a purple blouse underlying it- white heels, and light gray, capri-cut slacks.


Regarded as the school's severest, sternest teacher, Michie has shown to be quite strict with her class, especially the girls; in the first episode demanding that two female students who shortened their skirts pull them back down to their original length.


Michie knew Noboru Taki's father as well as Reina Kousaka's father, and taught alongside then while they were band directors at Kitauji.


Noboru Taki

Though they are wildly different people, Michie and Taki appear to be good friends, frequently spending time together outside of school and band rehearsals. The two of them attended the Agata Festival together. Michie also sometimes gives Taki helpful advice.



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