Natsuki Nakagawa (中川 夏紀 Nakagawa Natsuki?) is a character in the Hibike! Euphonium series. She is a second year student who plays the euphonium. She becomes the band's vice-president in her senior year.


Natsuki is a young girl who wears the standard Kitauji High School uniform for second years. Her auburn hair is tied in a high ponytail, two strands sticking out from it, and she has violet, blue-ish eyes.


Natsuki is a girl who is seen rarely talking, and it seems like she has a aloof attitude. It is later revealed that the second-years are like that because there aren't many second-year students due that something happen in the past.

However, Natsuki is normally friendly to everyone, and tends to be mature and calm in most situations. She is also understanding of situations and takes everything quite nicely.



Kumiko Oumae

Kumiko and Natsuki have a good relationship, and they both play the same instrument. However, it was revealed that Natsuki was slightly jealous of her since Kumiko had a lot more experience playing the euphonium, as well as being more proficient than her. However, Natsuki still admires Kumiko for motivating her to work hard in the band and is constantly supporting Kumiko.

Yuuko Yoshikawa

Natsuki and Yuuko graduated from the same middle school. They are often seen arguing but deep down they are good friends who often like to tease each other.

Nozomi Kasaki

Nozomi is the person that Natsuki admires (kind of like how Kumiko sees Reina) and Nozomi is one of the reasons why Natsuki decided to join the band in high school.


  • She and Yuuko often get into playful arguments, fights and teasing, much to the amusement of others, particularly Kumiko.
  • She did not pass her audition.
  • Natsuki, Yuuko, Nozomi and Mizore graduated from the same middle school.
  • Natsuki joined the band because of Nozomi as she admires her.
  • Natsuki has short hair in the novel.
  • Natsuki used to not have any illustration in the novel so her appearance in anime version is completely redesigned. Character Designer Shoko Ikeda said Natsuki looks awful with her glare and short hair like in the novel so she made her hair a bit longer and put her hair in a ponytail so she would look cuter. Natsuki's illustration is revealed on the cover of  the new novel series , which shows that her appearance in the novel is now the same as in anime version.
  • Natsuki eventually becomes the band's vice president in her senior year.
  • In the book, Natsuki's Euphonium case has a Yellow, faded bear charm keychain on it.