Nozomi Kasaki (傘木 希美 Kasaki Nozomi?) is a character in the Hibike! Euphonium series and the secondary protagonist of Liz and the Blue Bird. She is a second year student who played the flute with the Kitauji High School Concert Band in the previous year. Prior to the beginning of Season 1, she and most of the first year members quit the band due to the conflict between the first years and the third years at that time. However, she later rejoined the band in Season 2.


Nozomi is a young girl who has long black hair, tied in a high ponytail. She has blue eyes, and is seen wearing a Kitauji uniforms for second-year female students.


Nozomi is fierce, passionate, and goal-driven. Asides from being a highly talented flute player, she also displays strong leadership skills. At Minami Junior High School, Nozomi was the concert band's president. During the Kitauji concert band schism, she had enough power and charisma, even as a freshman, to convince nearly half the band into voluntarily quitting.


In middle school, at Minami Junior High School, Nozomi was the president of the concert band, as well as the principal flutist, which is a noteworthy title. In the light novels, it is mentioned that Minami's band program is famous for their excellent flute section, which has remained the strongest and most outstanding section in the band for many years. Kumiko Oumae is one of many fascinated with their sound, and often listens to recordings of Minami's performances just to listen to their flute section. When Nozomi Kasaki practices flute on Kitauji High School's overpass, Kumiko recognizes the distinctive sound as belonging to a Minami flutist.


Nozomi is first seen in a flashback in Episode 7 when Natsuki explains to Kumiko and her friends about the schism in the previous year.

Nozomi came to watch the Kitauji Concert Band's performance in the final episode.

At the start of Season 2, Nozomi tried to rejoin the band as well as get Asuka's approval. However, Asuka initially rejected due to the fear of Mizore possibly being affected by Nozomi's sudden return, causing a negative impact on Mizore's performance for the competition.


  • Nozomi, Mizore, Natsuki and Yuuko graduated from the same middle school.
  • Nozomi was the band president in her middle school.
  • Nozomi and Natsuki are close friends since middle school.
  • Nozomi and Mizore became very close friends in middle school that they even joined Kitauji's concert band together, determined to aim for gold, but Mizore felt that their friendship fell apart after the Kitauji Concert Band Schism. Nevertheless, they managed to clear their doubts and misunderstanding in Episode 4 of Season 2.



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