Percussion (パーカッション Pākasshon?) is a family of instruments that produce sound by being struck, shaken, or scraped. The percussion section of an orchestra most commonly contains instruments such as timpani, snare drum, bass drum, cymbals, triangle, tambourine, glockenspiel, tubular bells (chimes), marimba, and xylophone.

Percussion instruments are most commonly divided into two classes: Pitched percussion instruments, which produce notes with an identifiable pitch, and unpitched percussion instruments, which produce notes or sounds without an identifiable pitch.

A person who plays a percussion instrument is called a percussionist.

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There are six students that play percussion instruments in Kitauji's Concert Band, including:

In addition, the section's percussion instructor, Masahiro Hashimoto, majored in percussion performance in college.

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  • The percussion family is believed to include the oldest musical instruments, following the human voice.
  • Percussionists are required to play multiple instruments in the orchestra or band, unlike other players who are limited to one instrument each. Being a percussionist is a highly respected job and is in charge of providing guidance and timing to the rest of the orchestra. Hence, without percussion, the orchestra is unable to function well.