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Shuuichi Tsukamoto (塚本 秀一 Tsukamoto Shūichi) is the recurring secondary character of Sound! Euphonium series.

He is a first-year student at Kitauji High School in the main series who plays the trombone for Kitauji High School Concert Band and the childhood friend of Kumiko Oumae.


Shuuichi is a very tall and slim young man who has short, light brown greenish hair and lime-green eyes. He is usually seen with a standard Kitauji High School uniform for boys.


Shuuichi is a friendly young man who is quite polite. He is usually calm and often takes everything easy. He also tries his best in everything, and will help anyone in need. He is prone to picking up gossip from around the band, but does not spread them, only occasionally sharing them with Kumiko Oumae. He is presumed to have a crush on Kumiko and seems to be quite shy when talking about the topic of love.


Shuuichi and Kumiko Oumae are childhood friends where the two went to the same junior high school. He and Kumiko are not classmates in high school however, consequently of their different choices in study courses. The pair had a falling out, due to Shuuichi having made a snide remark about Kumiko when they were in their third year of junior high school. He was originally a horn player, but he gets to play the trombone after winning a game of rock-paper-scissors.

He notices minor internal conflicts within the concert band and notifies Kumiko, informing her a second-year student had conflicts with a third-year who hadn't practiced nor was adept at playing, the events of which that caused the number of second years to drop drastically.


In the park near her home, Shuuichi meets Kumiko Oumae. After an awkward conversation between the two, Kumiko leaves, telling Shuuichi that she has decided to not join the school band.




Title Role
Sound! Euphonium Secondary
Sound! Euphonium 2 Secondary
Sound! Euphonium The Movie: Welcome To The Kitauji High School Concert Band Secondary
Sound! Euphonium The Movie: May The Melody Reach You! Minor
Liz and the Blue Bird Minor
Sound! Euphonium: The Movie - Our Promise: A Brand New Day Secondary


  • The name Shuuichi means "excellent, outstanding" (秀) (shuu) and "one" (一) (ichi).
  • Shuuichi's surname Tsukamoto means "mound" (塚) (tsuka) and "base, root, origin" (本) (moto).


  • According to the official Sound! Euphonium novel website:
    • His favorite colors are blue and green.
    • His hobbies are reading manga and buying jazz CDs.
    • His special skill is playing games.
  • Although Shuuichi dislikes tomatoes, he is fine with ketchup.
  • In terms of appearance, Shuuichi is very similar to Akihito Kanbara and Makoto Tachibana from the Beyond the Boundary and Free! series respectively, which are also created by Kyoto Animation.
  • Shuuichi initially played the horn during middle school, but he decided to take up the trombone when he started high school where he said that he always liked the jazz trombone.