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Sound! Euphonium (響け!ユーフォニアム Hibike! Euphonium) is an anime television series produced by Kyoto Animation. The 13-episode anime began airing on April 7, 2015, and finished on June 30, 2015. A 14th episode was included in the seventh DVD and BD of the series which was released on December 16th, 2015.

An anime film retelling the events of the television series and a second season to the television series, also produced by Kyoto Animation, has been confirmed. The movie was released in Japanese theaters on April 23rd, 2016, and the second season aired from October 5th, 2016 to December 29th, after the first episode's limited pre-screening on September 10th, 2016.

On June 1st, 2019, Kyoto Animation announced that it has greenlit an anime project that will center on Kumiko's third year in high school, which will be based on the final novel of Sound! Euphonium: The Kitauji Concert Band's Decisive Final Movement 1 and 2.[1]


  • Original creator: Ayano Takeda
  • Director: Tatsuya Ishihara
  • Series Composition: Jukki Hanada
  • Music: Akito Matsuda
  • Character Design: Shoko Ikeda
  • Art Director: Mutsuo Shinohara
  • Sound Director: Yota Tsuruoka
  • Director of Photography: Kazuya Takao
  • Color Design: Akiyo Takeda
  • Setting: Hiroyuki Takahashi (instruments)
  • Animation Production: Kyoto Animation



First Season Edit

After swearing off music due to an incident at the middle school regional brass band competition, euphonist Kumiko Oumae enters high school hoping for a fresh start. As fate would have it, she ends up being surrounded by people with an interest in the high school brass band. Kumiko finds the motivation she needs to make music once more with the help of her bandmates, some of whom are new like novice tubist Hazuki Katou; veteran contrabassist Sapphire Kawashima; and band vice president and fellow euphonist Asuka Tanaka. Others are old friends, like Kumiko's childhood friend and hornist-turned-trombonist Shuuichi Tsukamoto, and trumpeter and bandmate from middle school, Reina Kousaka.

However, in the band itself, chaos reigns supreme. Despite their intention to qualify for the national band competition, as they currently are, just competing in the local festival will be a challenge—unless the new band advisor Noboru Taki does something about it.

No. Title Original Air Date
1 Welcome, High School
(ようこそハイスクール Yōkoso Hai Sukūru)
April 8, 2015
2 Nice to Meet You, Euphonium
(よろしくユーフォニアム Yoroshiku Yūfoniamu)
April 15, 2015
3 First Ensemble
(はじめてアンサンブル Hajimete Ansanburu)
April 22, 2015
4 Singing Solfège
(うたうよソルフェージュ Utau Yo Sorufēju)
April 29, 2015
5 Festival Time
(ただいまフェスティバル Tadaima Fesutibaru)
May 6, 2015
6 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Tuba
(きらきらチューバ Kira Kira Chūba)
May 13, 2015
7 Crybaby Saxophone
(なきむしサクソフォン Nakimushi Sakusofon)
May 20, 2015
8 Festival Triangle
(おまつりトライアングル Omatsuri Toraianguru)
May 27, 2015
9 Please, Audition
(おねがいオーディション Onegai Ōdishon)
June 3, 2015
10 Straight Trumpet
(まっすぐトランペット Massugu Toranpetto)
June 10, 2015
11 Welcome Back, Audition
(おかえりオーディション Okaeri Ōdishon)
June 17, 2015
12 My Euphonium
(わたしのユーフォニアム Watashi no Yūfoniamu)
June 24, 2015
13 Goodbye Competition
(さよならコンクール Sayonara Konkūru)
July 1, 2015
OVA Dash, Monaka
(かけだすモナカ Kakedasu Monaka)
December 16, 2015

Second Season Edit

Following their success in the qualifying round for the Kansai regional competition, the members of the Kitauji High School Concert Band set their sights on the next upcoming performance. Utilizing their summer break to the utmost, the band participates in a camp where they are instructed by their band advisor Noboru Taki and his friends who make their living as professional musicians.

Kumiko Oumae and her friends remain determined to attain gold at the Kansai competition, but trouble arises when a student who once quit the band shows interest in rejoining and sparks unpleasant memories for the second-year members. Kumiko also learns about her teacher's surprising past and the motivation behind his desire to lead the band to victory. Reaching nationals will require hard work, and the adamant conviction in each student's commitment to the band will be put to the test.

No. Title Original Air Date
1 Mid-summer Fanfare
(まなつのファンファーレ Manatsu no Fanfāre)
October 6, 2016
2 Hesitation Flute
(とまどいフルート Tomadoi Furūto)
October 13, 2016
3 Troubled Nocturnes
(なやめるノクターン Nayameru Nokutān)
October 20, 2016
4 Awakening Oboe
( めざめるオーボエ Mezameru Ōboe)
October 26, 2016
5 Miraculous Harmony
(きせきのハーモニー Kiseki no Hāmonī)
November 3, 2016
6 Rainy Conductor
(あめふりコンダクター Amefuri Kondakutā)
November 10, 2016
7 Station Concert
(えきびるコンサート Ekibiru Konsāto)
November 16, 2016
8 Rhapsody in Flu
(かぜひきラプソディー Kaze Hiki Rapusodī)
November 23, 2016
9 Sound! Euphonium
(ひびけ!ユーフォニアム Hibike! Yūfoniamu)
November 30, 2016
10 After-school Obbligato
(ほうかごオブリガート Hōkago Oburigāto)
December 7, 2016
11 First Love Trumpet
(はつこいトランペット Hatsukoi Toranpetto)
December 14, 2016
12 The Last Competition
(さいごのコンクール Saigo no Konkūru)
December 21, 2016
13 Early-Spring Epilogue
(はるさきエピローグ Haru Saki Epirōgu)
December 28, 2016

Special EpisodesEdit

Season 1 Edit

Sound! Euphonium! The Everyday Life of Band (響け!ユーフォニアム「吹奏楽部の日常」 Hibike! Euphonium: Suisōgaku-bu no Nichijō) is a series of special episodes included in the Blu-ray/DVD releases of the first season of Sound! Euphonium. Each episode runs for approximately 2 minutes.

No. Title Original Air Date
1 Cleaning Instruments!
(吹奏楽部の日常 その1:楽器を掃除だフォ! Suisōgaku-bu no Nichijō Sono 1: Gakki o Sōjida Fo!)
June 16, 2015
2 I Can't Stand This Nickname!
(吹奏楽部の日常 その2:こんなアダ名は嫌だチュー! Suisōgaku-bu no Nichijō Sono 2: Konna Ada-mei wa Iyada Chū!)
July 15, 2015
3 The Everyday Life of Band Dudes!
(吹奏楽部の日常 その3:吹奏楽部男子の日常だボーン! Suisōgaku-bu no Nichijō Sono 3: Suisōgaku-bu Danshi no Nichijōda Bōn!)
August 19, 2015
4 All Hail Tuba Kun!
(吹奏楽部の日常 その4:チューバ君は王子様なのバス! Suisōgaku-bu no Nichijō Sono 4: Chūba Kimi wa Ōji-Samana no Basu!)
September 16, 2015
5 Lots of Problems Everyday, yo!
(吹奏楽部の日常 その5:毎日は危険がいっぱいだフォ! Suisōgaku-bu no Nichijō Sono 5: Mainichi wa Kiken ga Ippaida Fo!)
October 21, 2015
6 Professor Taki's Secret!
(吹奏楽部の日常 その6:滝先生の秘密だフォ! Suisōgaku-bu no Nichijō Sono 6: Taki-sensei no Himitsuda Fo!)
November 18, 2015
7 What's a Transposing Instrument?!
(吹奏楽部の日常 その7:移調楽器って何だチュー! Suisōgaku-bu no Nichijō Sono 7: Ichō Gakkitte Nanida Chū!)
December 16, 2015

Season 2 Edit

Sound! Euphonium! 2 Specials is a series of special episodes included in the Blu-ray/DVD releases of the season season of Sound! Euphonium. Each episode runs for approximately 2 minutes.

No. Title Original Air Date
1 Welcome To the Fireworks Festival Kiss!
(花火大会キッスへようこそ! Hanabi Taikai Kissu e Yōkoso!)
December 21, 2016
2 Welcome to the Pool!
(プールへようこそ! Pūru e Yōkoso!)
January 18, 2017
3 Welcome to the Maid Outfit!
(メイド服へようこそ! Meido Fuku e Yōkoso!)
February 15, 2017
4 Welcome to the Festival Battle!
(バトル文化祭へようこそ! Batoru Bunkamatsuri e Yōkoso!)
March 15, 2017
5 Welcome to the Flying Taki!
(フライング滝へようこそ! Furaingu Taki e Yōkoso!)
April 19, 2017
6 Welcome to the Artist!
(画伯へようこそ! Gahaku e Yōkoso!)
May 17, 2017
7 Welcome to Sleep!
(安眠へようこそ! Anmin e Yōkoso!)
June 21, 2017


Type Title Original Air Date
1st Season Recap Sound! Euphonium the Movie: Welcome to the Kitauji High School Concert Band
(劇場版 響け!ユーフォニアム~北宇治高校吹奏楽部へようこそ~ Gekijōban Hibike! Euphonium: Kitauji Kōkō Suisōgaku-bu e Yōkoso)
April 23, 2016
2nd Season Recap Sound! Euphonium the Movie: May the Melody Reach You!
(劇場版 響け!ユーフォニアム~届けたいメロディ~ Gekijōban Hibike! Euphonium: Todoketai Melody)
September 30, 2017
Spin-off Liz and the Blue Bird
(リズと青い鳥 Rizu to Aoi Tori)
April 21, 2018
Sequel Sound! Euphonium the Movie - Oath’s Finale
(劇場版 響け!ユーフォニアム〜誓いのフィナーレ〜 Gekijōban Hibike! Euphonium: Chikai no Fināle)
April 19, 2019

Music Edit

Season 1 Edit

  • "Abarenbō Shōgun Theme" (暴れん坊将軍のテーマ) - Shunsuke Kikuchi, arranged by Akito Matsuda[2]
  • Orpheus in the Underworld - Overture - Jacques Offenbach[3]
  • Marines' Hymn - James M. Fulton[4]
  • Symphony No. 9 in E Minor, Op. 95 “From the New World”: II: Largo (Trumpet solo) - Antonin Dvořák[5]
  • The Fairest of the Fair March - John Philip Sousa[6]
  • Funiculì, Funiculà - Luigi Denza[7]
  • Rydeen - By YMO[8]
  • March “Wind of Provence” (マーチ「プロヴァンスの風」) - Naoki Tasaka[9]
  • Crescent Moon Dance (三日月の舞 Mikazuki no Mai) - Akito Matsuda (Namie Horikawa)[10]
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star[11]
  • The Place Where We Found Love (愛を見つけた場所 Ai wo Mitsuketa Basho) - Hanako Oku, arranged by Akito Matsuda[12]
  • Scheherazade (Excerpts) - Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov[13]

Season 2 Edit

  • "Gakuen Tengoku" (学园天国) - Tadao Inoue[14]
  • Symphony No. 4 in F Minor, Op. 36- IV: Finale - Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky[15]
  • Prince Igor: Polovtsian Dances - Alexander Borodin[16]
  • Rhapsody On A Theme Of Paganini- Sergei Rachmaninoff[17]
  • "Kimi wa Tennenshoku" (君は天然色; from A Long Vacation) - Eiichi Ohtaki[18]
  • "Takarajima" (宝島 (Treasure Island); from S.P.O.R.T.S. by T-Square) - Hirotaka Izumi[19]
  • American Patrol - F. W. Meacham[20]
  • "Kitauji Shijūsō Dai-1-ban Euphonium" (北宇治四重奏 第1番 ユーフォニアム) - Akito Matsuda[21]
  • Starting the project - Akito Matsuda[22]
  • "Hibike! Euphonium" (響け! ユーフォニアム) - Akito Matsuda (Shindo Masakazu)[23]

Oath’s Finale Edit

  • Liz and the Blue Bird (リズと青い鳥) - Akito Matsuda (Uda Yuriko)[24] (This track was also used in Liz and the Blue Bird)

Soundtracks Edit

The opening theme of the first season is DREAM SOLISTER, sung by TRUE. The ending theme is Tutti! (トゥッティ!), sung by the Kitauji Quartet (Kumiko Oumae (Tomoyo Kurosawa), Hazuki Katou (Ayaka Asai), Sapphire Kawashima (Moe Toyota), and Reina Kousaka (Chika Anzai)).

The opening theme of the second season is Soundscape (サウンドスケープ), sung again by TRUE. The ending theme is Vivace! (ヴィヴァーチェ!), sung again by the Kitauji Quartet.

The ending theme of Liz and the Blue Bird is Songbirds, sung by Homecomings.

The ending theme of Oath’s Finale is Blast!, sung by TRUE.

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