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Suzume Kamaya (釜屋 すずめ Kamaya Suzume) is a new first-year student at Kitauji High School in the main series and a member of the concert band who plays the tuba.


Suzume is a teenage girl with long auburn hair that has tied into two buns with colorful clips on the top of her head where it somewhat resembles animal ears with bangs swept to the right side, cherry-red eyes, matching red-framed glasses and an average build.



  • The name Suzume is written in hiragana (すずめ), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (雀), it could possibly mean "sparrow".
  • Suzume's surname Kamaya means "kettle, iron pot" (釜) (kama) and "roof, house, shop, dealer, seller" (屋) (ya).


  • Even though Suzume has the same surname as Tsubame Kamaya, they all have no familial relation with each other.
  • Suzume's hobby is watching late-night television shows featuring young artists.
  • Suzume's favorite color is hot pink.
  • Suzume's special skill is hair arrangement and nail decorating.