Tohru Taki (滝 透 Taki Tōru) is Noboru Taki's father, and a former band director and music teacher at Kitauji High School. He is one of the top music educators in Japan and is widely known in music education and concert band circles.


Up until 10 years ago from the start of the series, Tohru Taki taught concert band alongside Reina Kousaka's father, a professional trumpet player and part-time music teacher, at Kitauji high school. Michie Matsumoto taught alongside Tohru Taki when he taught at Kitauji. During this time, Tohru Taki took the Kitauji concert band to nationals multiple times. This period was considered the golden age of Kitauji's band program.

At Kitauji, Tohru Taki also taught the girl who would go on to major in music education and then marry Noboru Taki, as well as Masahiro Hashimoto, Noboru Taki's best friend.

Tohru Taki had a very poor relationship with his son for much of his life, but after tragic events in Noboru's life, they appear to have made amends with each other, at least to some degree.

Though both Tohru and Noboru Taki are talented music educators, they are often mixed up by others, as both are now addressed as "Taki-sensei".

Tohru Taki is now retired and enjoys mountain climbing and conducting regional community concert bands for adults who wish to continue playing.

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