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Tsubame Kamaya (釜屋 つばめ Kamaya Tsubame) is a first-year student at Kitauji High School in the main series who is a percussionist in the Kitauji High School Concert Band.


Tsubame is a teenage girl with short, green hair that has spiky ends, indigo-blue eyes and she wears round-framed glasses similar to Asuka Tanaka's glasses but without the red frame.

In the light novel, she is described as having short, spiky black hair and black eyes, with rimless glasses.


Tsubame is a fairly reserved and somewhat socially awkward girl, which is demonstrated when Hazuki Katou introduces her to Kumiko Oumae and Sapphire Kawashima on their first day of class, and she struggles to figure out what name to call them by.


Tsubame seems to be good friends with most of Team Monaka and other members of the percussion section.


  • The name Tsubame is written in hiragana (つばめ), which has no special meaning. However, when written in kanji (燕), it could possibly mean "swallow (bird)".
  • Tsubame's surname Kamaya means "kettle, iron pot" (釜) (kama) and "roof, house, shop, dealer, seller" (屋) (ya).


  • Even though Tsuabme has the same surname as Suzume Kamaya, they all have no familial relation with each other.
  • According to the official Sound! Euphonium novel website:
    • Her favorite colors are orange and blue.
    • Her special skill is radio calisthenics.
    • Her hobby is scoring the material of young performers.
  • Although Tsubame has no rhythm and is poor at dancing, she is very talented at playing the marimba.
    • Kumiko determines the reason behind her poor rhythm is that she holds her breath while playing. By learning to breathe with the others, she corrects this problem.
  • Tsubame failed the audition and thus was a member of Team Monaka.
  • In Tsubame's second year, she is in class 2-3 alongside Kumiko Oumae, Hazuki Katou and Sapphire Kawashima.
  • Tsubame is very knowledgeable about manzai performances and she has gone to see shows with Hazuki.[1]