A tuba, with Gotou and Riko in the background.

The Tuba (チューバ Chūba) is the largest and lowest-pitched musical instrument in the brass family. Like all other brass instruments, sound is produced by vibrating or "buzzing" the lips into a large cupped mouthpiece. A person who plays the tuba is known as a tubaist or tubist.

The sousaphone is an instrument similar to a tuba designed to make holding it easier. It is most commonly used in marching bands. It wraps around the player's waist, making is easier to carry while marching.

As portrayed in Hibike! Euphonium

There are three students that play tuba in Kitauji's Concert Band:


  • The tuba hierarchy functions in the opposite of most sections. In most sections, the higher-ranking players play the higher-pitched parts, but in the tuba section, the higher-ranking tubaist plays the lower-pitched parts, which are considered more important to the band than the higher parts.
  • Tuba players are often stereotyped as silent, stoic people. They are sometimes also stereotyped as lazy people who have stunted social skills.
    • It has been rumored that a manual for parents has said "If your child is slow and fat, the tuba should be a good fit for him/her."
  • The tuba can come two forms of valves:
    • Piston Valves
    • Rotary Valves - This tuba is what Kitauji's band members use.
  • The tuba and the euphonium are similar in shape but the tuba is larger than the euphonium and produces lower-pitched notes.
  • Tuba-kun is a mascot character based on a tuba.